Monday, November 17, 2008

A strange space

Now that the election is over, and Obama won, I feel like I'm in a strange space. I'm not worrying about the election anymore, which frees up a lot of psychic energy, but Obama hasn't taken office yet, so there's a strange sense of waiting for something to happen. He is assembling his leadership team, and his choices sound good, but the news there hasn't been terribly exciting. The Republicans have all but admitted that their party is in deep #$%^, but even that, somehow, isn't that satisfying.

I hate to say it, but it feels like the span of time between a death and when the funeral takes place. There is often a day or two (in the Jewish tradition) after which the person has died, but the funeral hasn't happened yet and shiva (the 7 day period of mourning) hasn't begun. And you are just waiting, not really wanting it all to start, but not really wanting to stay in the waiting space either. Neither here nor there.

But this isn't about a death, it's about a victory. But somehow it doesn't feel that way entirely. There are still a lot of bitter feelings among those who lost, and deep divisions in the country. Half the country did NOT vote for Obama, and for whatever reason (political views, cultural issues, religious issues) that they did not vote for him, these reasons still remain. You could say: well, they just have to get over it. Tough luck. Their guy lost. But saying that isn't going to make people feel any differently. Obama is going to have a lot of convincing to do to get the WHOLE country on his side.

I heard some Catholic bishops quoted as saying that Obama is the most anti-life president on record. That hurts. Here is the official statement from the bishops. I just don't understand how these men can have such a narrow view. They clearly have no idea of the complexities of women's lives. It drives me batty.

So I'm living in this strange space. I can't wait for January 20th to get here.

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