Monday, December 08, 2008

The dark days

Been wondering why I've been feeling so tired and cold and out-of-sorts lately, and then I read an op-ed by James Carroll this morning, and it all makes sense. Carroll says:
NOW BEGIN the darkest days of the year. This phenomenon of the revolutions of the Earth has long defined one pole of the human psyche. For the next two weeks, the days shorten, the nights grow longer, and the eyes of all people lift to see what's coming. Now is when theaters should mount "Waiting for Godot," or "Waiting for Lefty," bringing alive the national melodrama, which could be called, "Waiting for Barack." In fact, it is appropriate to these weeks that America's election euphoria has given way to the low-key stasis of, as we say, an administration-in-waiting.

Of course, what the nation overwhelmingly awaits is the economy's recovery, a hope that has been magically tied to the coming inauguration. Waiting is normally the most passive of experiences, yet in these weeks ahead of the comeback of the sun, waiting is positively exhausting. The seasonal observances - whether religious feasts, the festivals of light, the parties, or only shopping - all give expression to a fundamental longing, which in turns reveals the built-in contradiction of awareness.
You can read the rest here.


Unknown said...

Sometimes you just need a good belly laugh to brighten your day. I have just the thing for you....check out and go to the Mouth Effects page where you can click on all these man-made crazy sounds. MY KIDS LOVE THIS. I put it on my iPhone and whenever I am feeling down, I play the 'Crazy Cat'. Enjoy!

adena said...

thank you so much! I loved the Crazy Cat!