Saturday, February 21, 2009


Okay, now I'm starting to feel angry. About cancer. In case you were wondering.

First, it was the $3800 test. How is it that a company can profit on thousands of women who have breast cancer? And insurance companies don't necessarily pay for this test. They might, but they might not. So even though it's in the national clinical guidelines that you get this test to make sure you are getting appropriate care, you may have to pay for the test yourself. So the company profits. It just doesn't seem right.

Today, there was an article in the Globe about iron workers at the Dana Farber Cancer Center spray painting the names of kids who are patients on the crossbeams of a new building. Adorable, huh? No, it sucks. Why are all these kids getting cancer?

All these woman and children shouldn't be getting cancer in the first place. Treatments are fine, but we need to prevent it from ever happening, get it?

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Leigh Ann said...

1. That sucks. Just SUCKS.
2. Anger is a good sign. It shows you're strong into the fight. Keep going, lady.
3. Our mi sheberachs are still going out for you. Hoping it helps bring some measure of peace.