Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to prayer

If enough people knock on the door to heaven, will it open?

If enough people send their prayers out into the universe, will they be answered?

People keep telling me that they are praying for me. That I'm "in their prayers." That they went to church, went to synagogue, went where-ever they go, and prayed for me. Is it just a saying, or do people really sit down (kneel?) and pray for those who are sick? Someone I know recently told me that her young daughter prays every night for people they know who are sick, and that I'm on her list. Amazing.

So my question remains: if enough people pray for me, will it help? Will it improve the pathology results I'm waiting for? Will it improve my prognosis?

We'll see.


Leigh Ann said...

It won't improve the pathology results (the labs for which were already taken)
It won't improve the prognosis (which will be given by a doctor)
But it *could* help, in some way - if you let it.
(And that's really my prayer for you.)
Saying a misheberach for you whenever I get the chance,
and so are my students,
all the way out here in Ohio,
Leigh Ann

adena said...

thanks for your infinite patience with me, Leigh Ann