Monday, February 16, 2009


I've been catching up on some movies lately, thanks to Netflix, and I must say, I haven't found them to be all that wonderful. Maybe I'm just cranky, or maybe they aren't all that good?

I watched Juno last night, which everyone was talking about for a while. Overall, I thought the movie was just okay. Ellen Page (Juno) was wonderful, but not entirely believable as a 16-year-old who finds herself pregnant. Her lines seem just a bit too pat for someone in such an emotional situation.

My biggest problem with the film is that I thought the relationship between Juno and the prospective dad (Justin Bateman) was creepy. They seemed to be connecting on a very adult and almost flirtatious level, especially the scene where he demonstrates to her how he used to dance with his prom date in the '80s. I almost expected him to kiss her. Yuck. (Uh, oh, I just read a review that said he DID hit on her. Did I miss that? Okay, I found another review that said it was left ambiguous. Phew.)

Oddly, the Bateman character seemed more 3-dimensional than the wife character Vanessa (played by Jennifer Garner). I really didn't get a feel for her at all, except that she was very straight-laced, and also really really wanted a baby. I didn't feel like Juno really connected with her at all, and therefore it didn't make sense to me that she decided to have Vanessa adopt the baby anyway, even as a single mom.

I definitely did not see the break up (between the adoptive couple) coming, so I guess that is a plus. And the soundtrack is very interesting.

I liked the fact that Juno and Bleeker, the father of the baby, actually became closer as the movie progressed, and that Juno decides that she loves him around the time that she is ready to give birth. I also loved the small details, like the Hebrew alpha-bet poster on the back of Bleeker's door in his bedroom and his race-car bed. And the fact that he loves orange Tic Tacs.

I think I'd give it a B. If anyone's interested.


Anonymous said...

As the parent of adopted children, I found the movie to be so insulting and unbelievable. Just so you know there is another person that wasn't so enthralled by it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you and Reuben... a very thoughtful review.