Friday, March 13, 2009

May your eyes sparkle

This has been a very strange week.

It started Sunday in the ER, where I learned that the thing that had been bugging me for a week was indeed an abscess that needed to be drained. Yuck. Even after being drained, it continued to be painful (hello, Percocet) for several days, and then I gradually realized that I had to go into the surgeon's office to have it re-packed EVERY day. For quite a while. So the surgeon's assistant and I are becoming very close. And I realized that it's humiliating and humorous at the same time to have to show your ass to a bunch of people you don't even know. And to have them poke around in it. And then to find out that it's not just an abscess but it's caused by the staph infection MRSA, which is hard to get rid of and possibly contagious... and then I'm trying to disinfect the house, and wash the sheets...

But even with all this, by mid-week, the abscess was hurting less, and I stopped taking the Percocet, and I started being able to do a few things. One of which was finishing up the dedication page for J's Tanach. The third graders at Schechter have an event called Kabbalat HaTanach which means "receiving the Tanach" (which is the Jewish Bible, containing the Torah, Prophets, and Writings). The event is important because the kids actually get a Hebrew/English Tanach which they will then use to study for the rest of their school career. The parents have the interesting task of creating some kind of meaningful dedication page. What I ended up with was 3 components: a quote about the Torah that was read at Jordan's baby naming; his name in Hebrew and English from his birth announcement; and a little paragraph, hand written, from us.

Here is the quotation, which I love, from Danny Siegel:
May your eyes sparkle
with the light of Torah
and your ears hear the music
of its words.

Here is J looking at the page I created:

So this morning, in addition to giving the kids the Tanachs, they did a little play about Joseph and his brothers, entirely in Hebrew. Very impressive. J was a character who rode a camel.

It was quite a day. I also met with the oncologist, but that will have to wait for another post.

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