Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Menopause, here I come!

Thanks to everyone for writing such supportive comments and emails after yesterday's rant. I was truly a mess yesterday. Today, I'm happy to report that things are much better.

We met with the (hated) onc who was very charming (damn her!) and kind and respectful. She went over the results in great detail, and explained why she felt it was important to look at both sets of figures, even though they are quite different and show different things. In the end, she agreed with the assessment of the Oncotype score, which showed that I would receive little benefit from chemo. It all comes down to how you feel: do you want to hit the cancer with all the big guns you have, or do you want a more moderate approach? I fall into the second category, so we are NOT going to go with chemo.

What we are going to go with is not one, but two research studies. The TEXT trial involves ovarian suppression (woo hoo menopause!) and then one of 2 medications, Tamoxifen or an Aromatase Inhibitor, both of which have been shown to reduce recurrence of cancer, so it's a win-win. The second study is of 3 different medications to reduce bone loss, and which have recently also been shown to reduce recurrence of cancer by a third. So both of these studies involve things that will be helpful to prevent recurrence. So I'm very satisfied with my decision.

I still have to go through radiation, which will be in late April and May, and then after that, I'll start the studies. So menopause will have to wait just a bit longer...

Thanks again, everyone, for your support. It makes a world of difference to me.


RivkA with a capital A said...

It is great to have a doctor who listens to your needs!!

ps. menopause sucks!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are rolling now. If you are anything like me, I'm sure you are relieved to have a course of action decided on and are ready to get going and end this cancer business!

Tzipporah said...

Oh Adena, I'm so sorry I didn't se the "rant" until today. You're doing great to know what you want and lucky to have such a resourceful oncologist (even if you want to hate her now and then)!

Anonymous said...

I should know I should constantly read your blog -- I'm sorry I'm first catching up. So glad you're happy with your decision and it sounds like a fine one!