Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last period?

Today, I got my period. For the...oh...423rd time.

Is that all it's been? Seems like it should have been more. Let me check my math again: age 12-48 = 36 years. About 12 periods per year, but didn't have them while pregnant. That's 432 minus 9. 423. Give or take a few.

So... 423 periods. The joy. The unexpected blood in the underwear, the cramps, the overall yucky feeling, PMS. Pads, tampons, and everything in between. Running out of supplies at inconvenient times. Advil. Heating pads. It's been fun, hasn't it?

Well... all that is about to end, ladies and gents. Next month, I get my first ovarian suppression shot. Bye, bye periods. Hello, menopause.

Just tryin' to look on the bright side.


SuperRaizy said...

Maybe being freed of your period will feel liberating (I hope so!) Glad you're seeing the bright side.

Barb said...

Good for you to see the silver lining!

RivkA with a capital A said...

well, the good thing about menopause (mine is chemo induced) is NO BLOOD!!

For me, the bad thing about menopause is HOT FLASHES!

Still, the trade-off is worth it!