Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Radiation lists

Things I don't like about radiation:
1. I can't use my regular soap (because it has a scent - and I miss the scent)
2. I can't use my regular deodorant and I don't like this one as much (it doesn't work as well and it doesn't have a nice scent)
3. I'm not supposed to shave under my right arm (but I did anyway)
4. I have to remember to put cream on right before bed
5. I have to think about breast cancer every day because I have to go to radiation every day
6. The radiation techs love to write on me with Sharpies (!) even though I have the 4 or 5 tattoos that they are supposed to use as guides
7. It's quite cold in the radiation room
8. The radiation machine makes a loud noise when it's on
9. The position I have to lie in for treatment includes putting my arms way over my head in an extremely uncomfortable position, and if I'm perspiring at all, I notice it (see #2)
10. Once I'm done with my treatment, they quickly start setting up the room for the next patient. No time for chit chat. It's a bit rushed.

Things I don't mind about radiation:
1. It only takes a few minutes to get zapped
2. The facility is very close to work (sometimes I can drive there, get treated, and come back within about half an hour)
3. The treatment is very non-invasive (it doesn't hurt, or involve sticking needles, knives, medicines, or anything sharp into my body)
4. The people there (nurse and techs) are very nice

Things I worry about:
1. What is radiation doing to my body? Is it working? Is it hurting me?
2. Will I get tired from the radiation, as others have suggested/experienced?
3. Will my skin get tanned/burned/affected, as others have suggested/experienced?

Time will tell...


Barb said...

Please keep blogging about your experiences dealing with breast cancer. My mom isn't talking about her experiences much and I appreciate your realness.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Can they strap your arms during the radiation?

I find it easier when the technicians can bind my arms so that I don't have to actually hold them.

(am I being clear?)