Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last period?

So I just finished radiation session #25 of 25, and tomorrow I start the first of 5 "boosts" and then I am done! Yay!

Last week, I had my first triptorelin (ovarian suppression) shot, and yesterday, I got my period, right on schedule. So maybe this will be my last period? Last period, last period...oh it's my last period, last period... (sung to the tune of Last Dance)

Still waiting to feel the first signs of menopause. Perhaps the triptorelin will interrupt this next cycle, and I'll start feeling something. In the meantime, I feel pretty normal. A little tenderness under my right arm from the radiation, although the techs keep assuring me that the redness is normal. I feel pretty cooked, but at least today was the last of the full treatments. I think the boosts are much more concentrated to the tumor area, so my underarm will be spared.

The funniest thing so far is a comment of a colleague of mine after my first shot. I came into the office, and he asked me about the study, etc. I told him I wasn't sure how long it would take for menopausal symptoms to kick in. He wondered: "Do you think you'll be in menopause by lunch time?"



RivkA with a capital A said...


When the hot flashes hit, you will know!!

Anonymous said...

You thought your colleague was hysterical -- you're the only person I know who can couple triptorelin with a catchy song and crack me up. So glad you're in the homestretch of being done.