Tuesday, June 09, 2009


This is a really busy time of year. In the past few weeks, A has graduated from Meah, which is a local program of "100 hours of adult Jewish learning" over 2 years time; A also received a volunteer award from J's school for his work as commissioner of soccer; J has had numerous Little League practices and games, and starts the playoffs this week; J and I went to a Red Sox game; J had his 3rd grade "State Fair" and I, as room parent, organized (don't ask!) and presented the teachers with their class gifts; I finished radiation; J had an orthodontist appointment and I have a follow up visit next week to discuss "the plan" with the orthodontist; J is having his first set of cavities filled tomorrow morning; A and I are going to my work's annual celebration tomorrow night; school ends in just over a week; right after school ends, we are going on a vacation with my extended family to Disneyland in CA; and it's my parents' 50th wedding anniversary the day we arrive in CA; and my birthday soon after. Whew!

Once we get back from CA, J will start summer camp (day camp), and things will settle down a bit. Although almost immediately we will be going up to NH to visit some friends there around the Fourth of July, and we need to start planning our end-of-summer family vacation to Virginia.

Hopefully I will find some time to relax....