Wednesday, June 17, 2009

End of another school year

The last day of school always makes me a little sad. By this time of the year, each classroom is a well-functioning unit. The kids know the teachers, the teachers know the kids, and they all work well together. It's sad that it has to end, and then they will have to start all over again next year, and learn how to get along with a new group of kids, and with new teachers.

J has had a great year in third grade, and he has really progressed in so many areas. He seems so grown up to me!

I was thinking today that it was this time of year 8 years ago that we first dropped J off at daycare. J was just shy of 2, and it was the day of my 40th birthday. He stayed for about 2 hours. A and I were pretty traumatized. Gradually, he worked his way up to a full day (8-3:30), learned to sleep on the little cots they had there for the little ones to nap on, and spent 3 happy days a week there.

Here's J around the time he first started "school":

And here he is today:


Barb said...

I recently asked my husband if it was wrong that I sometimes fantasize about what life will be like when the kids are grown up and moved out of the house. He said yes. Considering that our first is only 19 months old and our second is still in utero, he's probably right! This post reminds me to SLOW DOWN.

RivkA with a capital A said...

they grow so fast... in a blink of an eye!!

Anonymous said...

Love the two pictures together...