Thursday, June 11, 2009

A poem on abortion and such

I just read this poem on a blog called Abortionclinicdays, which, unfortunately, has been quite busy of late. I really like the poem, so I'm sharing it here.

Women of the World Vs. Ernie


This is what I know about being a woman:

My body is coursing with estrogen,

I have a uterus. My breasts fit nicely into bras

that shapes them into fashionable

things that men like to look at.

Once a month, my uterus lets go

of its contents and I bleed

for a few days.


I am not immune to the stigma of the whole

thing. I read Cosmo and think:

this is what I am supposed to look like.

this is who I am.

this is what I am supposed to buy.

this is what I am supposed to eat.

It goes on like this all the time.

I buy, I eat, I apply lipstick.


The single man outside the abortion

clinic stands there with his sign.

He thinks he will change some minds today

because he has god and patriarchy

and a picture of a bloody fetus,

the force of his own stupid ego

on his side.


Some of the women I know have abortions.

Real abortions, not the ones on the signs.

The kind that keep them up nights

going over it over and again.

We are all powerful

and sometimes subjugated.


They are my sister.

my best friend.

my next door neighbor.

The lady in line behind me

me at the grocery store-

we are in the express lane,

she has 26 items.

the check-out girl, too--

she is pissed .




He says it so clearly,

You need to be ashamed.

Of your body,

of it weakness,

of yourself,

of your woman-ness.

Keep this secret,

keep your mouth shut

And your legs closed.


I no longer care what his real name is—

I will call him misogyny.

Does he speak to his mother

with that mouth?

In my dreams she is washing out

his mouth with soap.


This is what I want misogyny

with his sign to know:

I want what I want. I need what I need.

This body is a gift from that same god.

He gave it to me because he knew

I could be trusted.

He said to me in a prayer:

You know what to do, and when.

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