Thursday, July 23, 2009


Feeling grumpy.

Met with new doc yesterday, psychiatrist. Young, pregnant. Nice enough, maybe a bit stand-off-ish. Took psychiatric history and ruled out manic-depression, OCD, psychosis, and a number of other possible conditions, bottom line: need to switch anti-depressant that has worked since 1993 since it may reduce effectiveness of Tamoxifen. New anti-depressant is called Celexa. Am currently ramping down old anti-depressant and ramping up new one. Finding it all a bit depressing.

Still waiting to see if period will not come this month. Feel like period is coming. Face is broken out. Feel PMS-y. Not sure what is going to happen.

Today is A's birthday. He is 55. Wow. When we met, I was 30, he was 37. How did this happen?

J was sick yesterday, and I had to miss work, so I'm at work today. Don't want to be here.


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