Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three berry pie

So I saw a recipe for vegetable-oil based pie crust that sounded interesting and easy in Thursday's Globe, and blueberries have been on sale at the market, and my raspberries are FINALLY ripening, and strawberries were on sale yesterday, and the moon was in the Seventh House, and the stars aligned, and I decided to make a three berry pie!

Here is the recipe for the pie and here is the recipe for the pie crust. I used the times for the crust (for baking). It came out great! I was quite impressed with myself.

The pie crust, while beautiful, is a little bland for my taste, but VERY easy, and I assume, healthier than a butter crust. If anyone has any ideas of ways to spice it up a bit, let me know.

P.S. I was reminded today that this is officially called Bumbleberry Pie. So cool!

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