Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Some random thoughts upon returning home from the American Idol Live! concert:

1. I'm really too old for this.

2. People were there to see Adam Lambert. Period. Whenever a photo of Adam popped up on the big screen, everyone screamed. When the real Adam arrived, everyone roared. My ears are still vibrating from the noise.

3. Danny Gokey seemed the most comfortable in his own body of all the idols. He finally learned how to dance.

4. Matt Giraud was in very good voice, and was very entertaining.

5. Adam Lambert was tall, lanky, and seemed a bit awkward to me. Also, he did all of this hip shaking stuff, which seemed somewhat inappropriate, as the average age of the attendees was about 10. There were lots of parents with kids in tow.

6. Taking public transportation always seems like a good idea, and works out fine for the first part of the trip. Getting home is another story.

7. Did I mention I'm really too old for this?


Karen (Forgiven and Loved) said...

I read about another mom's experience at AI Live and determined then that I'm too old. My ears just can't take it anymore.

And the hip shaking.......ewwwwwwwww

AS said...

And the Idol women... how were they?

Adena said...

Megan Joy was okay. She was dressed like a Barbie Doll. Lil Rounds was okay. She seemed a bit off. Alison Arajeta (sp?) rocked.