Monday, October 19, 2009

Get your paws off my son

I knew this day would arrive, but I really didn't expect it to arrive so soon. My son is being pursued by someone of the female persuasion. And she's using all her feminine wiles, all of her cunning, to capture his attention. She has promised him video games, movies, food, and basketball.

They have a play-date scheduled for next week at her house.

Part of me is proud. My son is very handsome (well, I think so...) and he's quite a nice kid. Intelligent, friendly. I don't blame her for being interested in him.

On the other hand...he is only ten. It's a bit early for this kind of thing, isn't it?

So now J is intrigued by this upcoming "play-date" but also terribly embarrassed by the prospect of anyone finding out about it. He isn't really interested in this girl, at least not in the way she appears to be interested in him. I don't think he's really interested in girls at all yet.

Not sure exactly how this will all play out. Time will tell.


A Mother Always said...

..I think I 'd probably react the same way....I'd like to know how it works out..My son's class had an exchange session(English) of letters between schools between boys and girls. My son who is 8 was embarrassed to show me the innocent coloured letter he got from a girl. He can't remember what he wrote in his... sigh I don't want him to grow up. cheers.. BM

christina(apronstrings) said...

Oh goodness. Oh goodness. 10? Cate will never date. I must start locking her in the closet very soon. Very soon.