Thursday, October 08, 2009

Time Share

J and I were running a little late this morning. As we rushed to pack his backpack and my bags into the front seat of my car, he said: "I guess only G-d knows if we'll get there on time."

I walked around the car to the driver's side, slid into my seat, and turned the key.

"Do you really think that G-d is involved with tiny details of everyone's lives? I mean, there are billions on people on Earth. How would G-d do that?" I asked.

J thought for a few seconds.

"I think He pays attention to a few states at a time. So us and other states near us in September, October, and November, and then He pays attention to some other states in December, January, and February. And maybe to another country in March, April and May."

What can you say to logic like that?

P.S. responding to the issue of G-d as "He" is an issue for another post...

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Anonymous said...

My J happened to come over to me just as I was reading this. First he got pissed because he thought he was J (as he's often referred to). Then I asked what he thought and I loved what he said as well, though I gave my word not to write it! Thanks for opening the door to great conversation.