Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Health care or abortion?

So now it seems that health care reform is going to hang on the issue of abortion. The bill, which just passed the House, now has an amendment (aptly named the Stupak amendment) which excludes the use of any federal monies for abortion.

Now this situation puts people in the difficult position of supporting the bill as a whole (which is a good thing) or not supporting the bill (and remaining pro-choice). It is a tough, tough decision.

You really can't single out one legal medical procedure and say that federal money won't pay for it. In my opinion. We'll see what happens...

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Cape Coop said...

We certainly don't live in an ideal world, and I personally think that people have to consider OTHER peoples' lives and challenges when they make societal decisions, not just their own. But, then, I'm a Pollyanna, and far too 'nice' and far too 'softhearted', I've been told. I hope that health care reform happens, and includes helping all people in whatever way they personally feel is best for them- and not just what is right for others.