Friday, February 12, 2010

One chance

I've been watching the American Idol auditions again. Look, it's winter, there isn't a lot to do. Anyway, they are somewhat amusing, somewhat excruciating. The producers manage to find the requisite heart-rending stories of contestants with sick kids, former inmates, people who've never been out of their small town, etc. etc. There are the requisite tears, fights, tantrums. Occasionally, the singing is good.

Anyway, what's been driving me crazy this year is this line, said over and over by the contestants who are eliminated: "This was my one big chance, and I blew it." These are young people, in their teens or twenties. I keep thinking: there are very few things in life -- maybe nothing -- for which you have just one chance. Most of the time, you have a lot of chances. You will go on, and if you are supposed to become a singer, you will become a singer. If you are good enough to be a star, you will be a star. This isn't your only chance.

I realize that they are trying to amp up the drama factor, but I feel that this show is sending a bad message. You only have once chance, and if you blow it, that's it. That's not really how life works. Real life isn't like TV. In real life, you make decisions, you re-visit them, you leave, you go back, you try to work it out. In real life, there are second chances. At least, that's my opinion.

Maybe they should put me on American Idol as the counter-point.


FollowUpQuestion said...

The contrarian Idol! You go, girl!

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allison tait said...

I'm with you. But I think that there's a generation growing up in a world of soundbites, which is why they trot them out so regularly. You only need to watch the news to see all the 'witnesses on the street' bring out the cliches to know that many people are affected. They bring out a camera and some filing cabinet in the brain drags out stuff like 'He seemed like such a quiet guy' or 'I'm goin' out there to bring it!"

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