Friday, February 05, 2010


One day I am a person
The next day
After knowing fingers find a
I am a patient.
Doctors examine the lump
First with x-rays, then sound-waves
Then they take a piece of it
Test the lump
The lump is bad.
Now I am neither a person or a patient
But instead someone with cancer.
Transformed by a lump.
Surgeon cuts the lump out.
Someone tests the lump: not enough.
Surgeon takes out a bit more.
Everyone is satisfied
As far as the lump goes.
But for me, the story has just begun.

Someone recently sent me some poetry that they wrote while dealing with their own breast cancer, and I was inspired to try to write some of my own. This is my first attempt.


Kinzie said...

Loved the poem. Made my stomach knot.

mother in israel said...

I liked it too.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly moving, Adena. I agree with Kinzie, loved it, made my stomach knot -- yet I was compelled to read it through twice more.

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Ilana said...

Powerful poem.

Renegades said...

Great poem. Amazing how quickly one's life can change because of health reasons.