Monday, May 17, 2010

Pushing for prevention

In today's Boston Globe:

What is needed now in breast cancer research?

A. There needs to be an open dialogue between researchers and public policy makers and women with breast cancer on how research dollars are spent. Every day our congressmen make decisions about our care. Right now they are the biggest funder of breast cancer research. We should have a say in how those dollars are spent.

Q. Where do you think the focus should be?

A. Looking at ways to prevent breast cancer, where we tap into the Silent Spring model of an environmental connection to breast cancer, is an urgent need right now. A big example is the whole idea of exposure to toxins, to poisons that act like estrogen in our body. The problem is that industry is allowed to put bad things into our environment that could be harmful, with very little data before they expose individuals to the poison. It should be reversed. It shouldn’t be up to consumers to prove damage. It should be investigated first before it’s put into our environment.

Q. Your organization doesn’t do walks or promote pink ribbons.

A. The work we do is different. I get tired of hearing about “breast cancer awareness.’’ We’ve been hearing about breast cancer awareness ever since I can remember. What the heck has it gotten us?

You can read the full article here. I am so excited about how this topic -- the connections between the environment and breast cancer -- is making its way into the news almost daily!

P.S. Just had to add this article about possible connections between pesticides and ADHD. Also very important!

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Adena, You MUST see this film, "A Chemical Reaction" made by Will make you start knocking on your neighbors' doors - the ones with the little yellow signs.