Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This makes me so angry

Just received this in my e-mail box:
Dear Adena,

As a valued American Cancer Society supporter, we want you to be among the first to know some very exciting news.

Today, we are launching Choose You, a new national movement that inspires women like you to put your health first to stay well and help prevent cancer. As wives, moms, professionals, and caregivers, we are all SO busy. But nearly half of all cancer deaths could be avoided if we did what we know works - live healthier lifestyles, quit/avoid smoking, and get our cancer screenings. And as the chief medical officers of our homes, we have the power to make it happen if we take the time. Taking better care of our ourselves will not only help us save lives and create more birthdays, but it'll give us more energy to take better care of our loved ones and be healthy role models for our kids.
Um...No, actually that is not the case. Living healthier lifestyles (whatever that means), quitting smoking, and getting cancer screenings isn't going to prevent us from getting cancer. This is such a bunch of bull&%$#.

I haven't even had time to finish the post I started writing last week about Living Downstream, the film based on Sandra Steingraber's book that talks about actual things that we can do to prevent cancer. I will finish that soon, and post it next.

Meanwhile....American Cancer Society...you have officially pissed me off.

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Cape Coop said...

We do know that SOME cancers are caused or enhanced by lifestyle factors. On the other hand, early screenings for certain genetic markers would also do much, and aren't being pushed to the degree that should be.