Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fourth grade poetry festival

J's fourth grade class had a poetry festival today. Each child read an original poem that they had created during the year, and then, classmates commented on each poem. The child's parent or parents had a chance to make a comment, and then the teacher commented. It was incredibly touching. There was something about the kids making supportive, insightful comments about each poem, and then the teacher doing the same, and praising each child for his or her growth this was really moving.

Some of the poems were funny, some were sad, most were very descriptive and surprisingly emotional. It is such a different side to these kids who we usually see being silly and running around.

They are growing up.

They also each recited a poem that they had memorized. Most of these were funny poems, and they used props. Here is J reciting the poem Toucan Tour Guide by Deborah Ruddell. The words follow, in case you can't understand him.
I was touring Peru in a silver canoe
And my guide was a toucan named Zeke
A talkative fellow with splashes of yellow
And green on his eye-catching beak

The river was cold, the sunlight was gold,
We were feeling as free as could be
When something I said made Zeke turn his head
And the tip of his beak hit a tree

So we stopped for the night at a vine-covered site
And Zeke made a fire by our tent
I tried not to peek at his curious beak
But to tell you the truth it was bent.
Makes me laugh every time!

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