Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Breast MRI fun at the hospital

You are confronted with a large tube-shaped machine and a flat cot-like table. On the table are two pillows, and a few other strange contraptions.

"There is no graceful way to do this," admits the technician. She indicates that you should climb onto the table.

"Your breasts go here, and your face goes here."

Say what?

You are lying face down on the table, with your face in one opening, and your breasts hanging into another. The tech puts a pillow under your knees and tries to make you comfortable.

"What do I do with my arms?" you ask.

"They go over your head." Great. My favorite position.

"Here are some earplugs," says the tech. "The machine can be noisy."


Noisy doesn't begin to describe it. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

You feel your body moving (on the table) and you feel wind rushing around you. You are afraid to look up. You sense that you are inside the tube.

"Okay, the first session will be 2 minutes," says the tech.

The machine starts to make clicking noises. Then noises like machine gun fire. It is LOUD. You start to recite prayers to get your mind off the noise.

Deep breaths. Uh, oh...didn't she say no deep breaths? Shallow breaths....

Time passes. Every few minutes the tech announces another interval. "This one will take 6 minutes. This one, 3 minutes." You start to lose track of time. You lose the feeling in your arms. You can't feel your hands. Shallow breaths...

Finally, it's over. How much time has passed? Will I ever feel my arms again? And what will the results show? She says I'll hear from my doctor in 24-48 hours. Great! Can't wait.

P.S. This will help you understand what the MRI sounds like.


Cape Coop said...

AND, the tube is far narrower than in that illustration- and after you've had a half dozen or so sessions in the machine there may come a time when you begin to suffer from claustrophobia each time, worsening by the session, until you find your once cool self needing to be sedated to get through each ordeal.

Anonymous said...

Sounds so scary. Best wishes.

adena said...

I can imagine getting claustrophobia after a is truly a very strange test.

Gregory Davis said...

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