Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restoring honor

One of my pet peeves is when people who are supposed to be reporting the news decide to make their own news. This phenomenon -- which is happening more and more these days -- drives me CRAZY. It goes against all the principles of good journalism.

So this whole Glenn Beck thing -- "Restoring Honor," I believe the rally was called -- is driving me crazy. Glenn Beck is a conservative commentator. He makes money by stirring people up. He is also rich. According to a piece in the New York Daily News,
Between his gig at Fox News, authoring best-selling books, and hosting a radio show and GlennBeck.com, Beck pulls in $35 million a year, according to Forbes, which puts him 43rd on its Celebrity 100 power ranking list.
See, the thing is, I think that, with the election of Obama, we already restored honor to America. We now have a president who is intelligent and thoughtful. The world community respects us more. He is working, slowly, surely, at solving all the problems we having in this country. It takes time to solve problems. Beck and those of his ilk are into stirring people up and making them angry. This is not useful! Also, we certainly don't need more religion mixing into politics, as Beck is proposing.

I feel that politics these days have become very confusing. Even if you are trying to do something good, someone on the other side just talks about it and disparages it and makes it bad. Everyone's memory is short. No one wants to remember that much of the trouble we are in right now (economic, etc.) is due to policies of the Republicans. Somehow, everyone wants to blame Obama.

The whole thing just makes me feel sad, and discouraged. We started out with so much hope. And now...

P.S. Maureen Dowd from the NYTimes also wrote (very eloquently) on this theme. Take a look.

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