Monday, September 27, 2010

Turning pink

I first realized that it was coming while perusing the yogurt section of our local grocery story recently. I suddenly realized that almost all of the yogurt containers had turned pink... see here and here for some examples (cups of hope? really?).

Next, the town newspaper promises to actually turn pink for the month of October. Yes, they will print the newspaper on pink paper. Not only is it difficult to read -- it looks terrible.

Little pink ribbons are fluttering around like tiny pink birds...

Yes, my friends, Breast Cancer Awareness Month - PINK month - is upon us.

Oh, I really do not like pink.

ThinkBeforeYouPink.Com helps explain why.

You know, breast cancer is something that happened to me. I'm really not very happy about it. I don't feel it was due to something I did or didn't do. I truly believe that estrogen-like chemicals in the environment that I was exposed to as a child and probably as an adult led to the overgrowth of cells in my breast that was cancer.

Breast cancer -- any cancer -- is a horrible disease. Half of all Americans will experience it in their lifetime.

I don't want to see companies touting products and acting like they really care, when all they are trying to do is make money. I don't want to hear any more sob stories, and how "cancer made me stronger." I don't want to hear it.

I want to hear about prevention. And I want to hear about it NOW.