Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Still here

So we made it through October. Breast cancer awareness month is over.

(Deep sigh of relief.)

Football players wore pink gloves; the White House was lit up in pink light, as were the walls in Jerusalem. Yogurt lids were pink, and just about everything else you could imagine was pink.

But breast cancer is still here.

A cousin's sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. A friend who is a breast cancer survivor recently experienced a scare when a breast MRI showed something, leading to ultrasound and biopsy. Turned out to be only scar tissue, but scared my friend to death. RivkA, of Coffee and Chemo, died a few days ago. She lived with breast cancer for 5 years. 1,000 people attended her funeral in Israel.

Meanwhile, today is election day, and the politicians continue to be jerks. There is no intelligent discourse. Just sound bites and accusations and yelling.

It seems like more attention in general is being paid to the connections between breast cancer and the environment, but I'm not sure if anything substantive is being done.

There is legislation -- for example, the Toxic Chemicals Safety Act of 2010 -- which basically just asks companies to test their chemicals before releasing them into the world. Although I just read that this act is dead now. Too bad, maybe next year.

This time of year makes me feel a little sad. I'm still sad that the summer is over (!) and I still haven't accepted that winter is coming. Not my favorite time of year, although it has been a pretty fall.

P.S. Damn! I just realized that November is NaBloPoMo! (national blog posting month) I'm supposed to be doing a post a day! Argh!

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