Friday, December 10, 2010


This was the Chanukah of J's discontent (apologies to Shakespeare and to Steinbeck).

I'm not kidding. The kid really wasn't happy this year.

Here's the back-story. J received an X-Box 360 (a video game system) recently as a joint birthday/Chanukah gift from his grandma. He also purchased a bunch of games that he wanted to go along with it (sports, only sports). He really doesn't need anything else.

So for Chanukah this year, we gave him the following: a t-shirt with a cute basketball saying; note cards with a cute basketball saying (okay, I know not very kid-friendly, but he needed note cards for thank you notes); a year-long membership to X-box Live; a year-long subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids; a Needham duffle bag filled with a Nike hoody and athletic pants (he liked those gifts a lot); Celtics sweat pants; an iTunes gift card; and a photo book I'd made of this birthday party this year. I also attempted to buy him a Snuggie but I bought the wrong size and had to return it, and I attempted to buy him a Miami Heat calendar (he loves the Heat) but it didn't have the Big Three in it, so that didn't work out either.

Not so bad, right?

Wrong. Terrible.

What he wanted was: a cell phone, an HD TV for his X-Box that lives in the basement, a Kinect for his X-Box, another expensive Celtics or Heat shirt (he already has MANY)....he just "wanted something good" (spoken in very whiny, privileged tone of voice). What we gave him "wasn't good."

Also, according to J, "Chanukah this year wasn't as fun as it used to be." It wasn't exciting. Lighting the candles wasn't exciting. Singing the songs wasn't exciting. The presents weren't exciting.


Welcome to the real world, kid.

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FollowUpQuestion said...

Boy, can I relate! I think you chose stupendous gifts. In our house, they say "surprise me!" and then when you do, they respond, why did you get me this? Aargh.