Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Twelve

A lot of bloggers are posting their favorite top ten-ish posts of the year, so I thought I'd go along and do it, too. Well, there are twelve.

First Mammogram Since Surgery The machine is hard: metal and plastic. My breasts, my body, are soft. The technician keeps telling me to relax.

Poem One day I am a person | The next day | After knowing fingers find a | Lump |I am a patient.

Spring Children run and shout| Like convicts escaped |Throw balls | Ride bikes |Grow in the sunshine

Breast MRI Fun at the Hospital "There is no graceful way to do this," admits the technician. She indicates that you should climb onto the table. "Your breasts go here, and your face goes here."Say what?

Don't chew on your mama's tefillin Two poems (not mine) about different women's experience of Judaism, juxtaposed

Incidentaloma There is a new terminology out there -- incidentalomas -- for things that are discovered accidentally during a test for something else.

High holiday wandering My earliest high holiday memory involves big white tents.

The story of a man This is the story of a man I know.

Puberty, pimples, and cups J recently turned 11, and at his yearly physical shortly after his birthday, the pediatrician opened up a discussion about puberty.

On breast cancer (a version of which was printed in our local paper) There is strong, growing scientific evidence that the cause of breast cancer is environmental, i.e. chemicals in our food, water, air, and soil.

Friends in cyberspace And sometimes, people you know only from cyberspace die.

Oy, Chanukah (a version of which was posted in the OnBeing Blog) What does it mean to be Jewish during a prolonged, public, and pervasive holiday season?

And here are some other bloggers' top posts: the Velveteen Rabbi's top 12; Scary's Mommy's top 12 (and others posted in the comments section): top White House food stories of 2010; I'll add more as I find them. Enjoy!

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Unknown said...

Adena, I love your blog; it is so interesting and informative.....I'm so proud of you and feel so fortunate to have you as part of my family....Love, crl