Thursday, May 05, 2011

Random thoughts

I'm sorry I haven't been posting more on my blog. It's not that there hasn't been a lot going on...

Yesterday I had jury duty. I spent 3 hours in a court room on a very hard wooden bench as part of the jury pool. The judge and the two lawyers spent this entire time questioning potential jurors in order to pick 14 for the jury. They picked one, excused one, excused two, picked one. When they had 14 jurors selected, and we all heaved a sigh of relief. Then the lawyers conferred and excused 4 of the seated jurors! Back to questioning potential jurors. It seemed like an inefficient process, but I guess that's how it works. It was a very long day.

* * * * *

I just learned that a good friend has an abnormal mammogram, and has to go back for an additional mammogram and an ultrasound. This made me very sad. Hearing about more and more people dealing with cancer diagnoses and potential cancer diagnoses is just...awful.

* * * * *
J and some of his friends are suddenly interested in the show Jersey Shore, and he's been watching it, so I've been watching some it, too. It is, by far, the worst display of human behavior I have ever seen in my life. Period. The cast members curse, fight, call each other names, go to clubs late at night, pick up strangers, make out with said strangers, bring them back home, have sex with them, and then do it all again the next day. I think J is trying to figure out what adults do, and that's why he's so fascinating with it. It's so awful it's actually funny. I hope J isn't scarred for life after watching this.

* * * * *
I have an article coming out in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association)! It's not a research article; rather, it's an essay I wrote about working on the end-of-life study. It comes out on May 18th in a section called A Piece of My Mind. I'll put something up on the blog once it's officially published!


FollowUpQuestion said...

Congrats on the published piece! Look forward to seeing it. So, I take it, you were not selected to be on the jury?

FAMEDS said...

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