Monday, August 08, 2011

Life on the fifth floor (part 2)

There is a hierarchy to the floor plan on the 5th floor: there are those folks with offices (and windows), and those with cubes (and generally, no windows). The important people (directors, managers) get the offices and the windows. The working people (myself included) get the cubes. The cubes are quite small, and there is absolutely no privacy. None. If you make a phone call, everyone can hear. And you can hear everyone else, too. If someone chooses to talk on speaker phone, it's really, really distracting.

Some of the folks in the offices don't have a ton of privacy either, to be honest. My boss shares an office with another person. Whenever either person has a meeting or talks on the phone, the other person can hear every word. I guess privacy isn't something that is needed now-a-days. Transparency in everything, right?

Turns out that several programs in the office are moving to a new location "across the quad" in a few weeks. This will probably reduce the density of the office somewhat, although I don't think I'll score an office quite yet. Sounds like once the programs move, I'll be moving to a cube closer to my two main co-workers.

So back to the library. There are some amusing aspects to the library, one of which is the recent introduction of Cooper, the Countway Therapy Dog. Yes, a dog. In a library. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can "check out" Cooper, a registered therapy dog, for a half hour of doggie deliciousness. You can play with him, take him for a walk, or just snuggle with him. He really is very cute. Take a look at this face.

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FollowUpQuestion said...

I wonder what happens if you are "overdue" bringing him back. What kind of fine do you suppose they impose? :)