Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life on the fifth floor (part 3)

My new project -- and Harvard in general -- uses a lot of acronyms. A LOT. Some of them absolutely crack me up.

KFC. What does that mean to you? Well, to me it means Kentucky Fried Chicken. Here, it means "Key Function Committee." But every-time someone says KFC I think of chicken.

CHIRP. What does that mean to you? To me, it's the sound that a bird makes. Chirp, chirp, chirp. Here, it is (embarrassingly) the name of my program. Community Health Innovation and Research Program. CHIRP. Not sure how we will ever get anyone to take us seriously with that name.

R-Nav. Pronounced "ar-nav." It probably doesn't mean anything to you -- yet. It's actually a pretty cool thing. The Research Navigators (or R-Navs) are "PhDs who serve as scientific liaisons to facilitate clinical and translational research." They connect people to each other and to research opportunities. There are 4 R-Navs, and they are very nice. And very smart.

Translational. What does that mean to you? Here, it isn't about translating something into another language. It means translating a scientific discovery into something that can be used by people. Everyone's always talking about translational this and translational that.

TAP is the tuition assistance program. HUGHP (pronounced "hug-up") is the Harvard University Group Health Plan. PeopleSoft is where you log your time, and ASPIRE is where you apply for a new job (if you ASPIRE for a job...get it?). PMP is the performance management process. Although at the Med School, we do PPR - Performance Planning and Review.

And now...back to the 5th floor. Here is a photo of my wastebasket. Have you ever seen anything like that? It's a little teeny tiny waste basket that is hooked onto the side of a blue recycle bin. The message is: recycle most things, throw away just a little. Of course what I end up doing is completely filling the little tiny waste basket, and not putting much of anything into the recycle bin. I guess I'm lucky, though. My friend, K, over at the School of Public Health, doesn't even HAVE a wastebasket. None. At. All. They take recycling very seriously over there.


FollowUpQuestion said...

Interesting and educational post.

This is what I thought when I read your second sentence: A LOT.

"A LOT - what does that stand for?" said...

Interesting. My friend is an accountant and always uses acronyms also.