Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Life on the fifth floor

My friend K is writing a blog about her experiences at her new job, and another friend, A, suggested that we write "dueling blogs," as it were, about our experiences. I like how K is writing about the small details of her new work-life, so I'm going to try it here. Here goes.

My office is on the fifth floor of a medical library, this rather nondescript building to the left. But every day when I get off the elevator, I walk right into an exhibit of old medical paraphernalia which is formally called the Warren Anatomical Museum. The exhibit consists of old medical instruments -- some of which are very scary looking -- and also skulls, anatomical models, statues, and all kinds of weird things. A co-worker just informed me that there is a tray of gallstones. Ugh. Every day, people come up to look at the museum. Groups of students. Little kids and parents. People who are clearly tourists.

Click here to see a photo of what it looks like right outside my office suite.

On the walls of the fifth floor, there are also some strange formal portraits of men who must have been physicians a long time ago. Perhaps some of the founders of the medical school. Several of them have rooms and buildings named after them. But the real question is, why do you think this guy looks like this?

He looks very uncomfortable, doesn't he?

Here is another view of the library, a view of the staircase winding its way down.


FollowUpQuestion said...

Love the photos, especially the staircase. That photo of the old doctor is one of the oddest I've seen. Looks like he could have used some medical attention back then; perhaps his body would be a little straighter. THANK YOU for taking a stab at writing the dueling blogs. It's fun!

Ann@EDC said...

I think that guy looks...dead!