Monday, May 07, 2012

Jersey Shore kills brain cells

I've written about the show Jersey Shore before. J likes this show a lot. My opinion? While watching this show, I can actually feel my brain cells dying.

So now there actually is a spin-off of Jersey Shore called the Paulie D Project. (The show is so successful, there is a spin-off. Good grief.) One of the characters from Jersey Shore, Paulie D, who has hair that defies gravity, is featured.

I was watching an episode today with J. The basic routine is that the group (here, a group of men) a) elaborately gets ready to go out b) goes out to a club c) gets drunk, dances, and meets women d) some of the women come home with the men, and they have sex. The end.

So in this episode, Paulie D. becomes enamored with a woman during step c), and one of his pals notices that she has a ring on her finger. (Paulie does not notice this because he is both drunk and aroused.) Paulie brings her home, and gets ready to go to bed with her. Suddenly, she admits that she's married. So Paulie "does the right thing" and ushers her out of the house.

Good grief.

This is what now passes for ethical behavior. Not sleeping with a strange woman who you just met, because she is married.

I'm feeling my brain cells dying again...

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The unhealthy plate

You probably know by now that I work in public health. My program is currently working on the issue of childhood obesity (and obesity in general).  This picture is what people at the Harvard School of Public Health thinks people should be eating. Overall, I agree with this plan, and I try (try!) to eat this way. I try to serve lots of fruits and veggies, smaller portions of protein, and I don't do really well with the whole grains, but I try. I use healthy oils in my cooking.

The problem is, this is not how most people eat.

My family attended an event last night, and I made an image representing the meal we had. I call it The Unhealthy Plate.  Here it is:

First of all, look at the color. Everything on the unhealthy plate is yellow. We ate chicken breast with gravy, potatoes, corn on the cob, washed it down with soda, and had ice cream and cake for dessert. There wasn't a vegetable or fruit anywhere in sight. I know, technically potatoes and corn are vegetables, but they are starchy vegetables. There were no leafy greens, nothing green at all in fact, nothing red or orange... And it was delicious. But not healthy.

So. Where does this leave us?

Well...there is the ideal. And there is reality. And that's the problem, I think.