Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Accounting

I am counting up the tally
Of the past few weeks
Three deaths
Three women
Three moms
All too young

Two of cancer
They each had some time
To get used to the idea
Of life without them in it

One in a car accident
There was no "getting used to it"
It happened in an instant

What about my little family of three?

What would happen if I wasn't here?
Who would clean the dust?
Who would cook the food?
Who would hold it all together?

My family can last for a week alone, but how would they do if it was forever?

Three women have died
Two cancers, one accident
Three men are now widowers
Five children no longer have mothers

Numbers don’t really help
Except to get it straight in my mind
It really happened
Numbers don’t lie, after all

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