Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mammograms in photos

With all the mammography controversy these past few days, I've been noticing a number of stock photos that are just... well, take a look yourself. These are all via

Hello, welcome! Glad to have you here! But I think you forgot to take off your shirt and put on your lovely gown!
Great, you put on your gown! And glad to see how happy you are! But now we really do have to take off the gown to do your mammogram.

Okay, you can just take one arm out of the sleeve, and we'll try it that way.

Good try! A tube top AND a come-hither look. But really, you have to take it off to get the mammogram done.

Yes, that's more like it. Shirt completely off. Nice jeans and belt!

Yes I just need to give you a hug so I can get you in the machine....
Just relax....Oops, I think you took everything off by mistake!
This is what getting a mammogram REALLY looks like. If they showed it like this in photos, no one would do it.

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